DevsOnDevs: Ire Aderinokun | EP 3

“The best way to enter the industry is to enter the industry. Start doing the work, build up your portfolio yourself. Do not wait until someone gives you a job to actually start doing it” – Ire Aderinokun

DevsOnDevs: Ire Aderinokun | EP 3

Ire Aderinokun has quite an interesting and inspiring story. She started programming due to her obsession with the online game, Neopets as a teenager using basic HTML. Her interest in programming was an uninformed hobby which found her volunteering at that age, to develop websites for anyone she knew was interested in having one.

Years later, after two divergent degrees (B.Sc. Psychology and an LL.M.), she is the first female Google Developer Expert in Nigeria. While studying for her Masters in Law, she realized that her teenage hobby; programming was actually a degree course at the university. However, she refused to go for a third degree, embraced a career switch and opted to self-teach and train herself via online courses and blogs. Today she is the C.O.O and V.P of Engineering at BuyCoins.

On this episode of DevsOnDevs, Ire shares with us her story and history, her fave tools for work and her vision for women in the Tech ecosystem.

Like Ire, it is never too late to redirect your steps on to your desired path.

Watch her interview: