As a mentor to many in the Tech space, I often get so many questions from mentees seeking to do something new. What they fail to understand is that they have all they need to take the next step. Many times, they believe they need to up-skill or pay for some pricey course before they embark on that project.

They fail to see that they have some good knowledge already which they can start with. I recall my conversation with Timi Ajiboye on DevsOnDevs, where he shared his venture into programming. He said he started at the age of ten to program but he took that knowledge for granted until he had the need to embark on a project. He realized he did not want to pay anyone to develop his website so he put his hands to the plough and got right into it with the knowledge he had. Then built up on his knowledge each time he got stuck.

To you who have been seeking a career in Tech but have been reluctant because you feel your background is not strong enough, Chuka says "Get right into it, do not belittle your knowledge. Build your knowledge into a skill by working with it. Grow your skills into competence by working with them and then with your competence, strive to gain mastery, still by working with it". Knowledge; that knowledge you belittle, is the building block of skill, competence and mastery.

To the young techy seeking to become a global expert, while you look at the Big picture, do not disdain the Now picture. Keep working with your skills and taking up more challenging projects. You could learn your way into gaining those skills that the great pricey courses offer through relentless commitment to hacking challenges while your work on certifications.

Avoid over-familiarity with your capabilities. Over-familiarity will cost you time, opportunities, growth and the greater version of you. Put your knowledge to work first then up-skill. Always juice out your knowledge base.

I am Chuka Ofili. I would love to get your feedback and connect with you.