Easy Kubernetes Development using Skaffold

Easy Kubernetes Development using Skaffold

As a developer or devops engineer, do you ever have issues running your multi services locally, especially when developing with kubernetes? Or are you one of those who just didn't bother because: STRESS.

So, in essence changing directories and starting each service for "X" number of services before you can get everything going.

Ok so here's a tool that can help with all of that: skaffold. There's others like http://tilt.dev & http://draft.sh, but i've loved working with skaffold the most. And I did a video tutorial on how you can get going with it.

More Information Skaffold: https://skaffold.dev

You can get the example repository here if you wish to follow along: https://github.com/chukaofili/skaffold-example

If this was useful for you please reach out, I'ld love to hear from you ?